Thank you for a great week! Meals were fabulous! Snorkeling was excellent! Landscapes amazing! Great memories, including " coming to Jesus" at Willy T's. Thanks for the wonderful memories. Sincerely, Guy & Tammy Hallgren, Lindley, NY


Thank you for an amazing week. It was truly a "religious" experience. (We are no longer Amish) We have so many great stories to tell.....which will only get better with time! We faced down many fears (barracudas, Willy T's....) and are returning as better people! We can't thank you enough! Brian & Cindy Dodge, Berfast, NY

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"Thank you for showing us so many beautiful places here in the Virgin Islands. From the Caves to the Soggy Dollar Bar we had a great time.
Beautiful boat, delicious food and stimulating conversations made for a delightful week. Watching a sea turtle under water was a wonderful experience for me that I will always remember.
You sent us off on diverse and fun adventures that made us happy and pleasantly worn out so we could go to sleep with a smile on our face as the Billy Jean gently rocked in the night.
We had a great time and hope to be able to come see you again in the future. Stay safe!"

Rob and Kathy

Thank you so much for a really fun and unique sailing trip!

Your sailing and seamanship along with safety were much appreciated along with great food and the mean drinks a la Curt! Your knowledge of the places to show us made for a great and hassle free vacation! Happy sailing!

Carol and Scott


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"On our final morning on the Billy Jean in Paradise we thank you both so very much for helping us create our second (not last) "honeymoon".

Gay and I began our voyage together 31 years ago at the Bitter End, where we learned to tie a knot in it and hang on.

When she sailed with me to The Last Resort I knew I had found my mate, my captain, my helmsman in life. Setting our sails in fair winds and foul, enjoying peaceful runs and more then few exciting tacks have brought us here where we re-set our sails for the final leg? No, the next leg of our lifes' regatta.

We hear there is a marker buoy in the race somewhere in the "Down Islands". We can't imagine rounding it with anyone else. Wanna crew?

In some little way we hope we've helped you realize how meaningful your life's works is for others."

Tom and Gay

A morning in Paradise
here we sense a sacred place
gentle winds to which we face
and fill our sails
with Mariah's grace

Where we feel the thrill
as sol warms the chill
at this new born day

Where we taste the brine
in air so fine
a flavor sublime
to this precious time

Where life is less with strife
as created Above
in nature's garb ....naked
and filled with love

For this we pray
a day safe to play
in waters' serene
on out Billy Jean ~Tom Howard

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What an amazing Christmas memory! You are so friendly and accommodating. It was like you were apart of our family! The meals (great presentation) were amazing but you company was even better. Rachel & Kathleen had the most fun! It was the best vacation EVER! We will never play scrabble again with out thinking of you! What fun! We all learned so much just from our daily discussions. Thanks for the gracious hospitality. You are great host!   Merry Christmas, happy New year Norris & Kimberly Baker
This has been our favorite vacation we have ever been on! And wouldn't have been as fun without Curt and Victoria. Victoria saved us from countless hair tangles with her amazing braiding. We had the best scrabble couches, whom got us addicted to our new favorite game. We had so much fun waterskiing at Peter Island and snorkeling at The Caves. Our best memory from this vacation was of course swimming with the dolphin! We'll never forget that! The Baths were also amazing! Thank you so much for making this Christmas one we won't forget!   Love Rachel and Kathleen Baker

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This was the best vacation ever! I think we finally got it right; 1)Push the button once for #1 then push it again. 2) Push the button once for #2 then then push it twice afterwards, Right???  NOT... 3) No shoes on the boat or the dinghy!! 4) Never drink unless you are alone or with someone.

Snorkeling :-) Always go to the bathroom before you jump in. Saw turtle, stingray, spotted eagle ray, shark and barracuda (Note Susan swims much faster after spotting a barracuda).

Naked snorkeling: Did it! Body shot on the bar at Willy T's: Did it! Probiotics work!!

The food & itinerary were superb! Had a great week forgetting about work and living and lived in Paradise. Once Susan decided to share the fan in the cabin, everything was perfect!

Had a great time with my best friend and Curt and Victoria.

Steve & Susan

 Food was crazy good. Loved every meal!
The perfect amount of everything.  It was very nice with a little naughty at Willy T's.
It was so easy and fun spending time with both of you.  Enjoyed my man everyday of out first vacation.
Lots of relaxing & most importantly laughing!  Together was a huge success!!!

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Curt and Victoria were the most amazing team hosting us on our honeymoon adventure. We had an awesome time sailing, snorkeling and exploring the USVI and BVI islands. Every meal far exceeded our expectations and learned to enjoy several foods we don't normally eat. Victoria taught us how to snorkel and Curt taught us we have nothing to fear in the water. Our time on the Billy Jean was without a doubt the best and most unique experience we could have shared on our honeymoon. We give them a 5 star rating and would recommend their sailing adventure wanting to truly get away from it all. We couldn't be more grateful to Victoria & Curt and we couldn't have chose a better charter for the most special vacation of our lives.     Your friends for life. Renee & Rob


P.S. Watch out for pain killers and Willy T's.  :)

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Thanks so much for everything, we had a blast.... @ least I know I did. your knowledge of the area was worth the price of admission. Add in the food and hospitality and even the "counseling sessions" made this trip unforgettable. We will not soon forget you and hopefully will see you soon. Who knows, very soon perhaps. All the best on future endeavors!!        Bryan King
This week has been filled with an unforgettable first sailing experience. As Curt has said " To be a traveler, you must be willing to try new things.... otherwise you are just a tourist! " I have made new friends and tried many things ~ great tasting food, drinks (alot of pain killers and pina coladas :) ) and snorkeling. Thank you for all the conversations and sharing your knowledge. I hope future trips will consist of other places that you have recommended!         Tori King
Been a lot of places but nothing more beautiful then the Virgin Islands. We could not have seen or done nearly as much without the Billy Jean. Saw the Southern Cross for the first time and as "C,S & N" (and BK) said... "now I understand". Thanks Curt and Victoria for an awesome week! Hope we can do it again in the future! Mike "Fish" Altoonian     Conard, NC
Where do I start? Well I could go on and on but have to make it short and sweet for I don't have much room. many thanks for making an unforgettable experience, the snorkeling was amazing & I tried so many new things which have inspired me more then maybe I even know. I had a really great time becoming the "Pain killer" island judge. Results will be posted shortly. :)   "Southern Cross" will have a special place in my heart now & always bring me back to this adventure. I learned not to assume "everyone" carries provolone. I can keep going on but really should wrap this up. This truly was an adventure & thanks for making this amazing and unforgettable!       Jelsomina Altoonian

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We had so much fun trolling through the Virgin Islands with you both. Thank you for giving us a fantastic honeymoon experience.

It's difficult to narrow down the best part of the trip. So here are a few we'll remember most...
bulletThe honeymoon pretzel <3
bulletDiving the Wreck of the Rhone
bulletSnorkeling and seeing our first sea turtle and octopus, oh and that spotted eagle ray!
bulletButch wiggling into our bunk
bulletThe bath's

Hugs and Happy Sailing Fair winds and following seas, Butch & Liz

GO GATOR!!! Pflugerville, TX

Such a great experience! We're thankful to have found you both and hope to see you again in the future.

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Shortly after boarding on the Billy Jean we realized we are on the right boat with a wonderful crew. 

It was our first time on a boat coming from the Swiss Alps. So we were afraid of getting sea sick, sharks, and other sea monsters, but Victoria and Curt took care of everything while preparing delicious meals and drinks. We had to throw our diet plans overboard!

We have seen a shark, sea turtles and beautiful spots and beaches. Victoria went with Markus on a special snorkeling to see the Wreck of the Rhone.

On Willy-T's we celebrated Markus's 42nd birthday ~ a special place Lars and us will always remember :) !!!

... on the way back to St. Thomas we already decided to come back as soon as possible to Curt & Victoria!

Thank you for everything xxx Marianne, Rastaman Lars and Markus... now without a hat, but always with a MAP!

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Thanks so much for an amazing week! Our first trip to the Virgin islands ~ seeing it all via the Billy jean with our kids was fantastic.

A few of our favorite things...

bulletThe Food!!!
bulletWatching deer graze on St. John
bulletsnorkeling with stingrays & turtles
bulletThe Baths & Mad Dog
bulletJost Van Dyke
bulletThe Easter Bunny!!!
bulletBye, Bye Miss American Pie ~
bulletSinging & Guitar at the end of the day.


We loved it all! Thanks again, we had a blast. Steve, Emily, Nick and Ella

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Thank you for a wonderful time in the Caribbean.  :-)
Peter island was the best, rough start with all the rain, still had a great time. Lot's of snorkeling. Our first sailing trip, love to come back and do it all over again. Best Trip! Everything was great. Lots of shopping. the food was great. So relaxing!!!

Things to remember..... Lots of sunscreen and Tony DID IT!!!

March 28 2012  Tony and Carol

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Thank you for showing us the beautiful gems of the Caribbean, so many more to discover. Thank you for all your excellent meals and wonderful on-shore recommendations' for eating & partying!!

Thanks for the Memories! :-)

Susann & Kendall Schafer

From Calgary, Alberta Canada

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 February 25 to March 3, 2012

These are a few of our favorite things....

Denise ~~~ the sea air!, the blue water, Peter Island  and Victoria's Ahi Tuna (Yum!)Peter ~~~ Curt & Victoria's graciousness & local knowledge (a lifesaver), wonderful healthy meals, whiskey nightcaps, learning more more about sailing and beautiful sunny days
Mary ~~~ the sunshine & warm weather, Peter Island, Snorkeling (stingrays, et al), the beautiful & delicious meals and sailing, sailing, sailingLon ~~~ great sailing, great food, great weather (we are from the frozen tundra) and the ESCAPE FROM THE HOSPITAL

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Thank you for a wonderful time around the islands. Great food and crazy world solving conversations.

:-) We needed a little stress free time and got it. We look forward to seeing you again in the future! Next time we will look farther out, although booking 5 days in advance was good for us! he-he

Smooth Sailing, Frannie and Mark, WA

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Happy New Year!

Howdy!!! :-) from Arlington, Texas, USA

Well, what can I say that hasn't been said before?!? These two Caribbean Gems have made the last days of 2011 and the first ones of 2012 the best days of our lives to date! :-)

Happy days.... remembering how to JUST BE. Relearning to laugh (especially at each other), these are the moments that we always recall so fondly with our favorite gypsy pirates, Curt & Victoria. We love you both so much (truly)! This year will hold great things for all four of us, I can feel it. You inspire us to fully realize how to actualize and materialize our wildest dreams.

To living dreams in 2012! May we make them our reality this year! Ravi & Rachel

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